“Our younger dog went through training with Francine at the Takoma Park rec center. I decided to have her come to our home and work with my two dogs together. Francine is incredibly knowledgeable and very patient with both dogs and owners. Would love to work with her again when I can get my act together.”
– Melinda

“Francine was recommended to us by a friend. Our six year old Jack Russell, Moxie, had been through a few trainers with no results. She was relegated to the isolation pen at doggy daycare, banned from my parents’ house, and becoming more aggressive towards other dogs. We knew we needed to fix the problems for the safety of our dog and that of others. One of the great things about Francine is she was willing to come to our house. The first time she came over she brought us literature to better understand the process and chart the progression of our dog’s training. Also, by the time Francine left the first visit, our dog knew a few tricks like sit, up, and off. We continued to have regular visits with Francine and they always presented new challenges for Moxie and always yielded results. Sometimes she would bring other dogs to help socialize Moxie. Other times she would bring a skateboard or exercise ball for a new challenge. Within a few months our unruly, semi-aggressive dog was running through obstacle courses, listening to cues, and not being a jerk to other dogs on our walks. We even had Francine dog sit for us. She took Moxie to her place and introduced her to her four legged family, which included a cat. Moxie came back exhausted, unscathed, and happy. My husband and I could not be happier with the progress our dog has made with Francine’s expertise. She is a true professional committed to what she does. I have recommended her to a few people and I will continue to do so. Thanks Francine!”
– Anthony


“Francine has taken care of my sister’s dog since she was a puppy. I have never known a dog as well trained as Jubal and it’s all thanks to Francine.”
– Mary Jo

“She understands how different dogs interact, and our dog is very well socialized because of the attention she has received from Francine. As others have mentioned, Francine has a special way with dogs and is very good at explaining their behaviors.”
– Lynn

“If you ever need a private trainer to work on a specific behavior in your home, we had a great experience with Francine from Funwalks Dog Training. She is affordable and local. She helped us turn around a case of Tazmanian Devilish leash-reactivity with a foster dog a few months back — in just one session. We were really impressed. She has great intuition and timing, and a very accessible way of explaining the steps to a handler.”
– Love and a Six-Foot Leash


“Lucy is responding wonderfully and positively to Francine’s administrations. Her fetching skills have improved 100% and she seems to have come into her tracking skills.”
– Russ

“Francine is extraordinarily professional and our dog really seems to enjoy his time with her.”
– Deidre

“We, but especially our dogs, love Francine!!!”
– The Kucks